Andy Duhon

Flintlock 2019: Helping US troops strengthen partnerships across West Africa

Greetings, Last month, while traveling through West Africa to meet with American troops and diplomats in Mali, Tunisia, Burkina Faso, and Niger, I had the opportunity to attend Flintlock 2019. Flintlock is an annual Special Operations exercise designed to strengthen key regional partnerships, help counter violent extremism, and improve security throughout West Africa. It is … Continued

Helping US troops bring peace to Niger

Dear supporters, As you read this, SoA Project Manager Nick Glasgow is en route to Northern Niger to provide support for the Cure Salée (Salt Treatment) festival. The annual celebration of the end of the rainy season, hosts nomadic ethnic groups such as the Tuareg, Peuhl, and Fulani, and includes camel races, music, food, artisan … Continued

Supporting US troops through the love of game

Dear supporters, I hope you enjoyed the World Cup as much as we did at Spirit of America. What’s extraordinary about the Cup is how, regardless of what corner of the globe you come from, over the past few weeks, we all came together to enjoy the same game of soccer, otherwise known as the … Continued

Back to Bamako

Aw ka kεnε Wa Du Mali (Hello from Mali. How are you?; in the local dialect Bambara) There is a popular saying in Mali: “Back to Bamako”. It can be found on shirts and items for sale throughout the city. The motto was created in an artisan workshop at le Campement Kangaba that gathers local … Continued