Gabe LaMois

Help US advisors support counterterrorism efforts in Senegal

Dear supporters, US military advisors working in West Africa recently identified a key need with their Senegalese partner’s forensic lab. Because, as one advisor described, “the lab is currently using out-of-date laptops in various states of disrepair,” investigators are unable to properly collect and follow up on evidence from suspected terrorists. This need greatly reduces … Continued

Return to Baghdad

Earlier this year I wrote an update about the incredibly heroic efforts of the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Service (CTS) in the outlying areas of Mosul. CTS is a primary US partner in the coalition against ISIS and, coincidentally, a force I advised some years ago. A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to … Continued

Gabe Lamois Joins the SoA Team

Hi, my name is Gabe LaMois, and I’m the newest member of the Spirit of America team. I joined Spirit of America in early June of 2016 following nearly a decade of service in the Army as an Infantry and Special Forces officer. Most recently I served in 5th Special Forces Group where I commanded … Continued