Jim Hake

How SoA helped US Special Forces save lives and defeat ISIS

Greetings, I hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving. To me, it’s the best holiday in the world. Please watch this terrific video about how Spirit of America helped a US Army Special Forces team save lives and defeat ISIS in northern Iraq. You’ll see why Master Sergeant Aaron Zwosta (US Army, retired) says: “There … Continued

9/11 and the idea of America

Greetings, The attacks of 9/11 were attacks on the idea of America not only on our people and soil. Each of us has our own story about where we were and what we were doing when we learned of the attacks, and what it meant to us. For me, the attacks were a wake up … Continued

Free and Brave. Happy 4th!

Friends, When I was in eighth grade, in the waning years of the Vietnam War, my history teacher had our class discuss the National Anthem. He asked if we thought The Star Spangled Banner was too militaristic and suggested America the Beautiful would be more appropriate. I don’t remember much from 8th grade but I … Continued

9/11, Spirit of America, thirteen years

Greetings, Thirteen years ago, after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, I committed myself to doing something to help. That motivation led me to start Spirit of America. I had always appreciated America’s freedoms but, I had also taken them for granted. 9/11 was a wake up call. Ignorance was no longer bliss. My dear, old … Continued

Remembering Memorial Day

Greetings, America – the land of the free and the home of the brave – has come at a great cost over many generations. From Lexington to Belleau Wood, Normandy to Wanat, some of our best and brightest have given their all. This Memorial Day weekend, all of us at Spirit of America would like … Continued