Nicholette Doliva

International Women’s Day: My chance to reflect on service with fellow female combat veterans in northern Iraq

International Women’s Day is on March 8—a day to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations around the world. It’s a day to highlight the importance of women in society, the obstacles and challenges they’ve faced, and to promote generations of women, their influence, and their accomplishments. It’s an honor to be writing about … Continued

Better Quality Life in Colombia

Greetings All – I wanted to share an update on a donation in Cauca, Colombia that was recently kicked off to help local youth enjoy a better quality of life. I recently traveled to Cali, Colombia to sync up with the US Special Operations advisors who are working in one of the most dangerous regions … Continued

Helping our US Advisors prevent Zika in Colombia

I recently returned from my second trip to Turbo, Colombia, an area that, like much of Central and South America, has been plagued by Zika. US troops deployed to this area identified the need for critical prevention measures against this dangerous virus, and Spirit of America immediately responded by funding local mosquito fumigations. You can read … Continued