Spirit of America

Memorial Day: Honor and Remembrance

Greetings, Memorial Day is a day of honor and remembrance. A day when we gather as a nation to reflect upon the sacrifices our troops have made to protect the liberty we cherish here in the United States. As Americans, we have a solemn obligation to support our troops to the best of our ability … Continued

Save lives in Guatemala alongside SoA and US troops

Dear supporters, Natural disasters, firefights with drug traffickers, and IED explosions are just a few of the perils faced by Guatemalan units on patrol near the Mexican border. To better address life-threatening injuries and the lack of training, equipment, and supplies needed to handle these medical emergencies, US troops are helping educate their Guatemalan counterparts … Continued

SoA has been rated 4-stars by Charity Navigator!

Greetings, Spirit of America is proud to announce that Charity Navigator, one of the nation’s leading evaluators of charities and nonprofit organizations, has given our organization 4 out of 4 stars! Click here to see what makes SoA stand out. In order to earn this rating from Charity Navigator, an organization must demonstrate strong financial … Continued