Zack Bazzi

Help Syrian children recover from brutal conflict

Dear supporters, Ravaging entire communities and leaving hundreds of thousands dead in its wake, the brutal Syrian conflict has had a devastating impact on the lives of countless people across the nation. The war has taken an even greater toll on the children of Syria. Many can barely remember life prior to the conflict, and … Continued

By assisting our partners, we secure ourselves

Over the last several years, we’ve been teaming up with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Directorate and US civil affairs teams on a whole host of assistance projects. Together, our joint efforts have fostered good governance, brought diverse communities together, and reinforced the LAF’s role as the sole guarantor of security … Continued

It Begins with Knowledge: SoA provides 1,100 academic books to the Jordan Center for Counter Extremism

Given its stability and strategic geopolitical position in a region characterized by conflict and discord, Jordan has long been an indispensable US partner in the Middle East. The alliance between the two countries stretches back decades. In addition to security cooperation, Jordan and the US work closely on numerous regional issues, including their commitment to … Continued

SoA update: on the ground in the Middle East

Dear supporters, I’ve been all over the Middle East checking in on our latest projects and looking to see how Spirit of America can better support US troops and diplomats, help save lives, ease suffering, and increase stability. Here are just a few of the recent projects we’ve been working on: In Syria… SoA is … Continued