Zack Bazzi

Syria: ”a life or death difference”

Greetings, A few weeks ago, I wrote to you to share a very urgent need. In Syria, families fleeing ISIS’s last stronghold were forced out of their homes in the dead of night with nothing but the clothes on their back. They were not prepared for the cold, exhausting journey, without food or water. US … Continued

Help Navy SEALs create lasting peace in Iraq

Greetings, I hope you have been well. I’m writing to share some updates about the security situation in Iraq and my latest project in cooperation with Navy SEALs to help create lasting peace in the region. The security situation in Iraq remains delicate. In just one example, late last year, a truck was driving through … Continued

Help Syrian children recover from brutal conflict

Dear supporters, Ravaging entire communities and leaving hundreds of thousands dead in its wake, the brutal Syrian conflict has had a devastating impact on the lives of countless people across the nation. The war has taken an even greater toll on the children of Syria. Many can barely remember life prior to the conflict, and … Continued

By assisting our partners, we secure ourselves

Over the last several years, we’ve been teaming up with the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC) Directorate and US civil affairs teams on a whole host of assistance projects. Together, our joint efforts have fostered good governance, brought diverse communities together, and reinforced the LAF’s role as the sole guarantor of security … Continued