Zack Bazzi

Supporting US efforts to relieve suffering in Syria

US troops and their local partners are striving to defeat the Islamic State and ease the suffering of civilians in northern Syria. Amidst years of suffering brought on by a brutal civil war and the rise of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS), the Americans and their Syrian partners affirm their common humanity through … Continued

Turning on the Lights and Saving Syrian Lives

Last month, I wrote about our efforts to provide school supplies and educational materials for Hogir School in Kobani, Syria, in response to needs identified by US personnel. Our work made an impact on the education and lives of hundreds of girls and boys in Kobani—and it strengthened relations between our troops and the surrounding … Continued

Delivering Aid and Hope to the Remote Reaches of Lebanon

With 18 officially recognized religious communities, Lebanon is in many ways a microcosm of the modern Middle East—a land blessed with a wealth of diversity yet ever struggling to reconcile the manifest political differences that result from this demographic fertility. Perhaps no area in Lebanon represents this tension between people and their politics more than … Continued

Building Peace Through Education in Northern Syria

It was the last day of May. Little boys and girls beamed with mischievous smiles as they ran about the school courtyard. Their slightly older and more aloof teenage counterparts huddled in small packs – boys exchanging glances with girls, and girls laughing amongst each other and snapping selfies. Teachers walked around passing out snacks … Continued