Zack Bazzi

SoA teams up with US troops and the Lebanese Army to support civilians victimized by ISIS

In August, two years after ISIS overran the border town of Arsal, storming military installations and killing nearly 20 soldiers, the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) launched a major offensive aimed at dislodging the terrorist group from Lebanese soil. The multi-pronged assault, dubbed “Dawn of the Hills” (named for the mountainous region along the Syrian border), … Continued

Reviving Dreams, One School at a Time

It was mid-July and summer was in full swing, but for many parents across the US, back to school season was on the horizon. Half a world away, American soldiers deployed in Syria shared the same anticipation, albeit for dramatically different reasons. For scores of families and their young ones in areas recently liberated from … Continued

Update: SoA and US troops help Syrian children

Dear supporters, Two weeks ago, we emailed you to tell you about an important project we’re supporting in Syria. This effort will help over 11,000 children in communities recently liberated from ISIS go back to school. It will significantly improve the students’ futures, make US troops safer, and help prevent further conflict in the fragile region. Our … Continued

In a tumultuous region, a firm commitment to progress

Dear Supporters, I hope this finds all of you well. Over the last few weeks, it’s been a full plate for SoA in the Middle East. We’ve launched multiple projects across the region. Because of our organizational agility and ability to work with deployed troops and their local partners, our initiatives are bolstering stability, countering … Continued