Zack Bazzi

Delivering Aid and Hope to the Remote Reaches of Lebanon

With 18 officially recognized religious communities, Lebanon is in many ways a microcosm of the modern Middle East—a land blessed with a wealth of diversity yet ever struggling to reconcile the manifest political differences that result from this demographic fertility. Perhaps no area in Lebanon represents this tension between people and their politics more than … Continued

Building Peace Through Education in Northern Syria

It was the last day of May. Little boys and girls beamed with mischievous smiles as they ran about the school courtyard. Their slightly older and more aloof teenage counterparts huddled in small packs – boys exchanging glances with girls, and girls laughing amongst each other and snapping selfies. Teachers walked around passing out snacks … Continued

Update from the Road: Tajikistan

Earlier this year we told you about one of our projects in rural Tajikistan. In February, the Army Civil Affairs team in country had identified to SoA a need for student desks at a newly built school in the Garm District in rural Tajikistan. Coordinating closely with the team, we provided over 100 student desks … Continued

From the Road: Iraq

Hello everyone, It’s been a full week for SoA here in Iraqi Kurdistan. We’ve been meeting up with Department of State officers and forward deployed members of our military. These engagements are crucial to our mission: they allow us to follow through on ongoing projects and identify new opportunities to advance the mission of deployed … Continued

In Rural Tajikistan, SoA is Advancing Stability and Education

The drive out of Dushanbe started with little fanfare, as our two-vehicle convoy navigated the unruly city traffic. Quickly, the humdrum of Tajikistan’s capital, a hodgepodge of tree-lined avenues, Soviet-style apartment blocks (known as Khrushchyovka), and larger-than-life monuments that leave little room to the imagination, gave way to a soothing tapestry of secluded mountains, lush … Continued