How can entrepreneurship help America prevail?


Last week, Spirit of America’s Founder and CEO Jim Hake joined Alexa Courtney, CEO of Frontier Design Group, and SoA Advisory Board Member Ambassador Rick Barton for a panel discussion on how entrepreneurship and American ingenuity can help stabilize violent conflict.

Hosted at the George Washington University’s Elliott School by Young Professionals in Foreign Policy, this panel provided an opportunity for the audience to explore new, innovative solutions to global challenges.

“That act of doing transforms you from a spectator into a participant… it turns hopeless situations into hopeful situations, and government needs to be better at that.” – Jim Hake

America’s troops and diplomats are on the frontlines, solving problems in the world’s toughest places. See how Spirit of America is putting this unique entrepreneurial and venture capital model into action alongside our troops in places like Cameroon, Ukraine, and Syria.

Some of the questions asked during the panel included: Can entrepreneurship play a part in helping our government prevail? How can America best capitalize on its many strengths?

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