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Dear Friends,

I founded Spirit of America 14 years ago in response to the attacks of 9/11. My motivation was simple. I wanted to do something to help – help America and help our troops. I was an Internet entrepreneur at the time. The idea for SoA was the most simple and practical idea I’d ever had: support the initiative of the men and women who serve our nation abroad, provide exactly what they say is needed to support their difficult missions by helping local people.

The importance of our work is crystal clear. In a world where threats are proliferating, our service members are asked to take on increasingly complex problems and missions. They need fast, flexible resources to prevail over America’s adversaries, to prevent the conflict that causes so much suffering, and to come home safe. Spirit of America is still the only nonprofit organization that provides that critical assistance.

While I am very proud of the impact our team is having in support of our troops in tough places like Syria, Niger, Ukraine, and the Philippines, we must do more. The need for our assistance is growing. We must grow, too.

You have been very generous with us. Thank you. This year, please continue to support Spirit of America and consider increasing your commitment, if you are able, so we can do more of what is needed.

I’d be delighted to talk with you about how we will put your generosity to work. My contact information is below. Please reach out any time.

My best wishes to you and yours for very happy holidays.

Jim Hake
Chief Executive Officer
M: 310.227.3711

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