Free and Brave. Happy 4th!


When I was in eighth grade, in the waning years of the Vietnam War, my history teacher had our class discuss the National Anthem. He asked if we thought The Star Spangled Banner was too militaristic and suggested America the Beautiful would be more appropriate. I don’t remember much from 8th grade but I remember that.

I said that I’d rather be free and brave than beautiful. I still feel the same way.

Rockets Red Glare by Abraham Hunter

It’s been said many times that America is the land of the free because of the brave. I agree. The life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that we enjoy and celebrate on the 4th is because of the bravery of so many who have served our country over America’s 242 years.

On the 4th, all of us at Spirit of America will remember the bravery of those who keep America free while we are enjoying great food, drink, picnics, parades and fireworks.

To you and yours, happy Independence Day! Have fun, be safe.

Jim Hake
and the Spirit of America team

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