Help Navy SEALs create lasting peace in Iraq


I hope you have been well. I’m writing to share some updates about the security situation in Iraq and my latest project in cooperation with Navy SEALs to help create lasting peace in the region.

The security situation in Iraq remains delicate. In just one example, late last year, a truck was driving through the Al-Shura subdistrict south of Mosul, transporting a group of children to school. Before it could get there, the truck hit a roadside bomb, killing four children inside and injuring at least six.

Two young Iraqi girls look through boxes of toys and gifts donated US troops. US Air Force photo/Tech. Sgt. Jeffrey Allen

Attacks like these have occurred about 17 times every month just within northern Nineveh province since the declaration of ISIS’s defeat, with many more happening throughout the country.

Although ISIS has lost the territories it once held in Iraq thanks to the commitment and sacrifice of Iraqi and US troops, there is still much to be done to keep extremist groups like it from regrouping. In western Anbar province, along the Syrian border, US Navy SEALs and their Iraqi counterparts are working hard to ensure all the ingredients for enduring stability are in place. The provision of basic humanitarian needs is first amongst those.

Anbar Province is situated in Iraq’s west.

Winter is in full swing in Iraq. Many communities are still recovering from the wounds left by ISIS’s brutality. With your support, Spirit of America is helping meet this need by providing winter jackets for children and basic medical supplies to treat trauma. $15 provides one child with a winter jacket, while $330 purchases 1,000 bandages.

Thank you again for your support,

Zack Bazzi
Middle East Regional Advisor

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