Help save the lives of 10,000 Syrians fleeing ISIS

Imagine being forced to eat animal feed, or even the weeds growing out of cracks in the street, in order to survive. It may sound like a nightmare, but for thousands of people in Syria at this very moment, it is a very real situation.

In addition to the bitter winter cold, the utter lack of food has made the humanitarian situation dire for those fleeing ISIS in Syria. While the terrorist organization holds a fraction of the territory it once occupied, innocent Syrians fleeing their control are still dying from a lack of shelter, prior injuries, or outright malnourishment.

With nothing but the clothes on their back, many families have been forced to flee in the dead of night, unprepared to the long journey in the freezing cold.

Identifying this urgent local need, US troops on the ground reached out to Spirit of America.

Given the drastic situation, we moved within minutes of the phone call with plans to provide enough food aid to support between 8,000 and 10,000 displaced civilians. As they make their way from the fighting and toward camps in safer regions, these Syrians need this support.

However, we can’t do it alone.

The need for humanitarian assistance has never been greater.

Help us meet this urgent need. As little as $18 can provide a family with enough food for at least a week, while $90 will take care of five families. ​

Please consider making a gift; your help can make the difference between life and death for these vulnerable people who have already endured so much suffering.

For more information on this time-sensitive project and the circumstances which led to this crisis, click here.

Zack Bazzi
Middle East Regional Advisor

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