Help SoA and US troops stop the spread of deadly disease in Africa

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Malaria is a deadly disease which has killed millions over the years. It continues to be one of the leading causes of death in Africa. In 2016, there were an estimated 445,000 deaths due to malaria worldwide, with 91% of those cases happening in Africa; children are especially vulnerable to this disease, with nearly two-thirds of malaria deaths being children under the age of five.

Unless serious action is taken, malaria will continue to wreak havoc in vulnerable communities across Africa. As these regions enter the rainy season, the mosquito population skyrockets, and the need to combat malaria becomes all the more urgent.

The US Army civil affairs team conducts training on improvised mosquito traps in Ouro Djoumassi.

Alongside a US Army civil affairs team in Cameroon, Spirit of America is kicking off a malaria prevention initiative to teach local communities how to effectively limit the spread of this disease. With your support, thousands of people across Cameroon’s North Region will learn how to construct homemade mosquito traps, a proven method of stopping malaria vectors from spreading.

Better yet, after the initiative is completed, those trained by the US team will bring this lifesaving knowledge to their local communities. In total, this project is expected to reach well over 30,000 people across the region. This will not only help save countless lives, but also strengthen bonds between our deployed service members and their local partners as they work together to combat terrorism and violent extremism.

The team trains residence of Ouro Mayami how to build improvised mosquito traps

A gift of $10 provides mosquito traps for 30 families, while $150 allows the Army civil affairs team to outfit an entire village with the necessary materials to help prevent malaria. A small donation can go a long way towards helping keep Cameroonian children healthy.

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Andy Duhon
Africa Project Manager

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