Help US advisors support counterterrorism efforts in Senegal

Dear supporters,

US military advisors working in West Africa recently identified a key need with their Senegalese partner’s forensic lab. Because, as one advisor described, “the lab is currently using out-of-date laptops in various states of disrepair,” investigators are unable to properly collect and follow up on evidence from suspected terrorists.

This need greatly reduces the investigators’ ability to identify and understand terrorist threats. Given the wide range of extremist actors in West Africa, and the easy access they have to Europe and the Western Hemisphere, a relatively small deficiency can impact global security.

Senegalese investigators collect evidence from tires used to smuggle contraband by terrorists.

With your help, Spirit of America can address this need, providing Senegalese investigators being mentored by US advisors with the right tools to prevent terrorism. New, updated laptops will give the Senegalese forensics lab more powerful digital forensics tools to combat terror throughout the region, and it will foster a stronger relationship between the investigators and their US trainers.

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Gabe LaMois
Director of Field Operations

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