Help US Special Operations Forces stop al Shabaab in Somalia


Just last weekend, the terrorist group al Shabaab attacked a hotel in Somalia, killing two Americans and 25 others. The security situation in Somalia is incredibly fragile, but US Special Operations Forces and their Somali military partners are taking the fight to al Shabaab across the country. With your help, Spirit of America can support their efforts to defeat terrorism and protect local populations when they need it most.

Can you help us support the US military’s mission by providing the equipment their Somali partners need to liberate their country from al Shabaab?
Your support will help us provide landmine probes, medic bags, and metal detectors that will save the lives and limbs of those at the forefront of the fight against al Shabaab. You can help our troops and their local partners maintain momentum and keep themselves and local populations safe from other attacks.

Spirit of America has implemented 19 projects this year to support the work of US Special Operations Forces in Somalia. Only Spirit of America can provide this critical support to troops serving on the front lines in the fight against al Shabaab.

I hope you’ll help us support America’s men and women serving in Somalia.

Nick Glasgow
Regional Project Manager – Africa

p.s. If you know someone else who might be interested in supporting our troops in Somalia, please have them reach out to us at

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