Supporting US efforts to relieve suffering in Syria

US troops and their local partners are striving to defeat the Islamic State and ease the suffering of civilians in northern Syria. Amidst years of suffering brought on by a brutal civil war and the rise of the Islamic State (also known as ISIS), the Americans and their Syrian partners affirm their common humanity through … Continued

Update from Ukraine: Army FM expands

Greetings from Kyiv, where winter temperatures have plummeted and the streets are blanketed by a fresh layer of snow. Chris and I are here to discuss the current situation with US officials and follow up on the projects we’ve been working on for the past year. In recent weeks, the security situation in eastern Ukraine … Continued

Helping our US Advisors prevent Zika in Colombia

I recently returned from my second trip to Turbo, Colombia, an area that, like much of Central and South America, has been plagued by Zika. US troops deployed to this area identified the need for critical prevention measures against this dangerous virus, and Spirit of America immediately responded by funding local mosquito fumigations. You can read … Continued