Save lives in Guatemala alongside SoA and US troops

Dear supporters, Natural disasters, firefights with drug traffickers, and IED explosions are just a few of the perils faced by Guatemalan units on patrol near the Mexican border. To better address life-threatening injuries and the lack of training, equipment, and supplies needed to handle these medical emergencies, US troops are helping educate their Guatemalan counterparts … Continued

SoA update: on the ground in the Middle East

Dear supporters, I’ve been all over the Middle East checking in on our latest projects and looking to see how Spirit of America can better support US troops and diplomats, help save lives, ease suffering, and increase stability. Here are just a few of the recent projects we’ve been working on: In Syria… SoA is … Continued

Niger state of mind

Bonjour from Africa, I recently had the privilege of traveling to Niger with a few of my Spirit of America colleagues to support Flintlock 2018. Flintlock is an annual, African-led, multinational military and law enforcement exercise that has strengthened key partner nation forces throughout North and West Africa, as well as western special operations forces … Continued

Countering extremism in the Levant

Hello, I recently joined the team as Spirit of America’s newest Middle East Project Manager. Prior to joining the team, I was on active duty in the US Army for eight years and had deployed to the Middle East three times. I was delighted to return to the region soon after coming on board. My … Continued