Save lives in Guatemala alongside SoA and US troops

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Natural disasters, firefights with drug traffickers, and IED explosions are just a few of the perils faced by Guatemalan units on patrol near the Mexican border.

To better address life-threatening injuries and the lack of training, equipment, and supplies needed to handle these medical emergencies, US troops are helping educate their Guatemalan counterparts patrolling this important border on proper medical aid techniques.

A US Army medic provides tactical casualty care training to a Guatemalan Special Forces jungle search-and-rescue unit that deploys to the Guatemalan-Mexican border.

However, our troops can’t do it alone. For the Guatemalan soldiers to be fully prepared for the dangers they face on patrol in this conflict-prone area, they need first aid kits and medic aid bags fully stocked with the supplies and medications essential to treat serious injuries and medical afflictions.

This medical equipment will ensure the Guatemalan soldiers being trained by the US have all the tools they need to stay safe and healthy in their fight against drug trafficking organizations and other criminal networks in the area.

Our local partners are in critical need of these lifesaving supplies.

With your help, SoA can meet this need. A $46 donation will purchase one medic bag, and a gift of $200 provides a Project C.U.R.E. kit which contains bandages, gloves, alcohol wipes, and many of the other supplies needed to treat a deadly wound.

You can also text TROOPS to 20222 to donate $10 to our Rapid Response Fund, to be used where it is needed most.

A small donation can go a long way. Give today to help save a life.

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Nicholette Parrish
Project Manager – Latin America

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