The path of an SoA Field Rep

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We recently completed Spirit of America’s newest self-produced podcast From Peacocks and Pygmy Goats to Project Management across Africa: The Path of an SoA Field Rep.” Click here to listen to the full podcast.

During the podcast, I discuss how my upbringing on a small farm in Colorado led me from a career in military service to join Spirit of America as a project manager for Africa.

The values I learned growing up are an integral part of the person I am today, drawing me to first join the Army and then serve as a Civil Affairs Officer. While these positions were rewarding, coming on board as a Spirit of America project manager provided a different perspective to the work being done all across Africa, and allowed me to see the tangible difference our troops and diplomats make for local populations.

From helping repair a demolished basketball court in Agadez to peacefully stopping the influence of Boko Haram by encouraging fighters to return to their families, we have been all over the region helping improve security and stability.

However, I would never have embarked on this path if not for my past experiences; check out the full podcast to more learn about the journey that brought me to become a part of Spirit of America.

Me as a Civil Affairs Team Leader throwing the jump-ball to start the game at the newly refurbished court in Agadez

For more information on the work Spirit of America is doing in the region, click here, and as always, thank you for your incredible support.

Nick Glasgow
Project Manager – Africa

P.S., if you enjoy podcasts, be sure to check out “The Ambassador and the General: A Conversation”, a podcast series from the American Academy of Diplomacy.

The series, as stated by Academy President and SoA advisory board member Ambassador Ronald Neumann, are, “[conversations] between a highly ranked former military officer and a former senior Ambassador centered on how they partnered to protect America and advance the strategic interests of the United States. In many key areas around the world, our top military and our top diplomats work hand in glove, but the story is rarely told.”

Click here to check out their latest work, including an episode featuring General Philip Breedlove, another SoA advisory board member.

Nick completed eight years of active military service, serving as a medical officer and later as a Civil Affairs officer, with deployment experience in the Middle East as well as multiple West African countries and Europe. While deployed, Nick did extensive work alongside our Nigerien and Senegalese partners to address food insecurities, livestock health concerns, and to support women’s empowerment initiatives.

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No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense, Department of State, or US personnel is intended or implied.