Spirit of America responds within 24 hours to ISIS attack in Burkina Faso


Last month while I was in Burkina Faso, in West Africa, ISIS terrorists attacked a Burkinabé Army outpost, killing four Burkinabé soldiers and critically wounding six. This attack happened less than 12 miles away from where US Army soldiers were working.

Fortunately, the six injured Burkinabé soldiers were able to be medically stabilized by Burkinabé and American soldiers and were life-flighted to the capital city, Ouagadougou. The Burkinabé soldiers expended all of their medical supplies while saving the lives of their fellow soldiers. The day after the attack I worked alongside the US Army team to understand what medical supplies were used during the mass casualty event, and within 24 hours Spirit of America restocked the medical supplies the Burkinabé soldiers had expended. Such an immediate response breeds trust and confidence amongst America’s partner forces, and only Spirit of America is positioned to respond in such a rapid and flexible way.

A US Army Special Operations soldier provides medical training to Burkinabé partner forces in July 2019 with medical supplies donated by Spirit of America.

US Army Special Operations Forces have been in Burkina Faso since 2017, working alongside their Burkinabé partners to stop the spread of extremist organizations. Spirit of America will continue to work alongside our troops and their local partners in West Africa to help bring stability to the region and bring our troops home safely. I am honored to be SoA’s West Africa Project Manager, and am so thankful for your support which allowed SoA to immediately respond to the attack. To continue to support immediate responses like this one, please consider donating to our Rapid Response Fund.


All the best,

Andy Duhon — Regional Program Manager, Africa

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