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In 2018, Spirit of America was able to implement 192 projects in support of our troops and diplomats. This is the most we’ve done in any one year. We would greatly appreciate your support as we wrap up our end of year.

We’re proud to share some photos from a few of our efforts over the past year that you’ve helped make possible:

In Afghanistan, Spirit of America is helping pave the way for the next generation of Afghan women soldiers. SoA’s Terrell Chandler (center) has been on the ground, equipping these Afghan woman with metal detectors, boots, and other essential items needed to fight terror in their home nation.

In Bangladesh, Border Security Dogs serve a crucial role in combating terror and intercepting trafficked narcotics. SoA provided medical supplies to support veterinary training, keeping these dogs healthy and equipped to fight violent extremism.

While our troops have driven ISIS out of Raqqa, Syria, the wounds left on the Syrian people are still fresh. To help US Special Forces alleviate this suffering and build trust with the community, SoA provided backpacks and school supplies for these children.

In Gabon, more than 25,000 forest elephants have been slaughtered in the last 10 years, with the profits beings used to fund terrorist groups like Boko Haram. To help end this horrifying practice, SoA provided tents, rucksacks, and other essential supplies for the Park Rangers fighting these criminals.

In Panama, US Marines are fighting to stop the recruitment of children into dangerous criminal gangs. To help improve education and build trust between our troops and vulnerable communities, SoA provided over 1,000 backpacks for children.

Please consider making a year-end gift to Spirit of America. The success of our service members depends on it.

We wish you and your family the absolute best as you ring in the New Year.

The team at Spirit of America

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