Update from Ukraine on Army FM

Spirit of America has been responding to needs identified by US troops and diplomats in Ukraine since the Russian-initiated conflict erupted in 2014. Ukrainian soldiers have lost their lives defending their country, and civilians have been killed as a result of the Russian aggression — 10,225 in total. One of the primary tools that the Russians use in their hybrid warfare approach is propaganda broadcast over the airwaves. In order to provide an alternative source of information for Ukrainian soldiers fighting in the conflict zone, Spirit of America, alongside our Ukrainian partners, launched Army FM in early 2016.

Ukrainian officer Hennadiy Sabdiyev watches the Rossiya 24 news TV channel on a commanding post at the Promzona combat area south of Avdiyivka on May 17. (Photo by Volodymyr Petrov.)

Today, I can report that Army FM has received permanent licenses from the Radio Broadcasting Council to continue broadcasting positive messages and music to the Ukrainian soldiers and civilians in more than 80% of the Donbas region.

The Kyiv Post recently published an article that explains how influential the Russian propaganda can be and why Army FM’s alternative message is so important. You can read the story here.

Chris Clary
Europe project manager

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