Urgent need: Help US Special Operations Forces save lives in Somalia

I am writing you today to ask for your assistance feeding 800 people in the village of Sabiid, Somalia.

The Somali Army, with advice and assistance from US Special Operations Forces, recently liberated Sabiid from the al Qaeda-aligned terrorist group al Shabaab. As reprisal against villagers for working with US troops and local security forces, al Shabaab has historically blocked the roads to the villages, isolating them and preventing trucks carrying food and other essential supplies from reaching the people living there.

Though free from terrorist oppression, the civilians living in Sabiid now face a dire situation.

Somali families suffer through drought and face starvation as al Shabaab seeks to overrun villages, victimize civilians, and impose strict Sharia Law.

US and Somali forces are conducting operations to clear al Shabaab from the surrounding towns and keep the roads open. Until the security situation can be improved and markets reopened, Spirit of America is stepping in to provide more than four tons of food aid to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

This is enough basic sustenance (beans and rice) to feed the entire village for three weeks, filling the gap until further aid can arrive and al Shabaab can be driven out of the area by the military.

More than just a bag of rice, this food aid represents freedom from al Shabaab’s brutality.

Will you please help me fulfill this time-sensitive need to save lives and help US efforts to bring stability to Somalia?

$22 donation feeds one family for three weeks, while $110 will feed five families. With your assistance, we can prevent al Shabaab from continuing to oppress and victimize the innocent people of Sabiid, while helping US and Somali forces gain ground in the fight against violent extremism.

Thank you,

Nick Glasgow
Regional Program Manager – Africa

Nick completed eight years of active military service, serving as a medical officer and later as a Civil Affairs officer, with deployment experience in the Middle East as well as multiple West African countries and Europe. While deployed, Nick did extensive work alongside our Nigerien and Senegalese partners to address food insecurities, livestock health concerns, and to support women’s empowerment initiatives.

No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense, Department of State, or US personnel is intended or implied.

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No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense, Department of State, or US personnel is intended or implied.