Update from the Road: Tajikistan

Earlier this year we told you about one of our projects in rural Tajikistan. In February, the Army Civil Affairs team in country had identified to SoA a need for student desks at a newly built school in the Garm District in rural Tajikistan. Coordinating closely with the team, we provided over 100 student desks … Continued

Alleviating suffering in Northwest Syria

After more than five brutal years, the civil war in Syria has surpassed a dreadful benchmark with well over 400,000 deaths and numerous more wounded. According to the Syrian Center for Policy and Research, 11.5% of the country’s population has been killed or injured since the war started in March 2011. The multifaceted civil war, … Continued

NPR Spotlights SoA’s Ukraine Radio Station

Spirit of America’s project to fund an FM radio station for Ukrainian soldiers resisting Russian aggression was recently featured on NPR’s All Things Considered. The radio station – Army FM – is a welcome contrast to the unrelenting Russian propaganda that normally monopolizes the airwaves. And it’s become a crucial player in a mounting information … Continued

From the Road: Iraq

Hello everyone, It’s been a full week for SoA here in Iraqi Kurdistan. We’ve been meeting up with Department of State officers and forward deployed members of our military. These engagements are crucial to our mission: they allow us to follow through on ongoing projects and identify new opportunities to advance the mission of deployed … Continued

Spirit of America featured in Special Warfare Magazine

Greetings, Spirit of America’s work was featured in the most recent issue of Special Warfare Magazine, the publication produced by US Army Special Operations Command. Read the article here. SoA has worked alongside US Army Special Operations (SOF) teams around the world. These small teams operate in the world’s toughest places, confronting instability and extremism … Continued