• What is Spirit of America’s mission?

    Spirit of America’s (SoA) mission is to support the safety and success of Americans serving abroad and the local people and partners they want to help.

  • How is Spirit of America different from other organizations?

    Spirit of America is unique. We are the only privately-funded (i.e., not a government contractor) 501c3 nonprofit organization that directly supports the safety and mission success of deployed US troops and diplomats. We are the first – and only – private organization to have personnel work alongside US teams to support the success of their missions.

    There are thousands of veterans organizations, and thousands of neutral humanitarian assistance organizations. Spirit of America is a category of one.

  • How does Spirit of America select the projects it supports and what does a typical project look like?

    Spirit of America only exists to provide rapid, flexible assistance in response to local needs identified by deployed US personnel, filling mission-critical gaps where government resources cannot be applied.

    Our all-veteran field team works directly alongside US troops and diplomats to identify ways to leverage private sector resources and expertise to complement the work done by the government. We ask America’s men and women serving abroad what they are working on, what they need to be successful, and how we can help. Through this model, Spirit of America provides bespoke solutions to challenging national security issues.

    SoA employs a bottom-up, entrepreneurial approach to completing projects. Every project is in response to specific needs identified by US troops and diplomats. Based on top-level priorities, our project managers get on the ground with US teams – those closest to the problem – to understand specific local needs and why meeting those needs is critical to US security and stability interests.

    For instance, we have worked closely alongside US troops to provide their local partners in the Middle East with metal detectors and toolkits to clear bombs and mines left behind by ISIS. This support is helping save the lives and limbs of US troops, their local partners, and the local population. For a list of active projects, click here.

  • Why can't the government solve these problems?

    SoA uses private-sector speed and flexibility that cuts through government bureaucracies, allowing us to provide critical resources to our troops and diplomats where government funds cannot be applied, either at all or quickly enough to achieve the desired effects.

  • Where does Spirit of America get its funding?

    Spirit of America is supported solely by private donations from Americans in all 50 states, including foundations, citizens, and corporations.

    We do not receive, and we would not accept, government funding.

  • Where does Spirit of America's field team operate?

    Spirit of America’s all-veteran field team operates in over 70 countries across the globe, on every continent except Australia and Antarctica.

  • What is Spirit of America's vision?

    Spirit of America’s vision is that whenever our country sends its men and women to serve abroad, the American people are by their side, as their partners, supporting their missions and helping them demonstrate who Americans are and what we stand for.

  • Spirit of America is “not neutral.” What does that mean?

    Spirit of America is expressly not neutral, meaning that we take the side of deployed American troops and diplomats. Our job is to support them with all the resources our nation has to offer, making them safer and more successful, improving global security and stability, and advancing our nation’s interests and ideals.

    However, we are not a political or partisan organization. We take no stance on policy or politics. Rather, we believe that once America sends its men and women to serve overseas, our nation should support their missions in every way it can.

  • Is Spirit of America a government or military contractor?

    No, Spirit of America is a completely private organization that receives no funding from the government. However, Spirit of America’s work was recognized by Congress in the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for our “important contribution in supporting the missions of deployed United States personnel around the world.” Click here to read this landmark piece of legislation.

  • Have you been rated by Charity Navigator?

    Yes! Spirit of America is proud to have been given 4 stars by Charity Navigator, demonstrating SoA’s strong financial health and a commitment to both accountability and transparency. Click here for more information.

    We have also been awarded a Guidestar Platinum Seal of Transparency.