Free and Brave. Happy 4th!

Friends, When I was in eighth grade, in the waning years of the Vietnam War, my history teacher had our class discuss the National Anthem. He asked if we thought The Star Spangled Banner was too militaristic and suggested America the Beautiful would be more appropriate. I don’t remember much from 8th grade but I … Continued

It Begins with Knowledge: SoA provides 1,100 academic books to the Jordan Center for Counter Extremism

Given its stability and strategic geopolitical position in a region characterized by conflict and discord, Jordan has long been an indispensable US partner in the Middle East. The alliance between the two countries stretches back decades. In addition to security cooperation, Jordan and the US work closely on numerous regional issues, including their commitment to … Continued

Bringing American values to Tajikistan

A few months ago, my colleague Zack Bazzi wrote to you about some of the projects Spirit of America has been working on all throughout the Middle East. Today, I want to provide an update on our progress in Tajikistan, where SoA is working with the US Embassy to renovate an “American Space”. This facility … Continued

SoA update: Our latest work in Asia-Pacific

Dear supporters, I hope you’ve been doing well since I last reached out! I’ve recently returned from a trip to Asia where I checked in on a few of our latest projects and looked into how Spirit of America’s support can better help our troops and diplomats serving abroad. Here is some of our latest … Continued