Live from Estonia: Chris Clary and a US Army team

The US Army Civil Affairs team in Estonia and I are preparing for the SoA sponsored 5K race and donation of outdoor gym equipment in Sillamäe. With over 150 Estonians pre-registered for the run this Sunday (4/23), as well as US, UK and French soldiers planning to attend, this will be a great event! Watch for … Continued

Army and SoA improve healthcare for Georgian women

Dear supporters, Spirit of America just completed a project in the country of Georgia where we partnered with a US Army Civil Affairs team to renovate a women’s clinic. This project met a critical need for impoverished communities affected by the Russian invasion and occupation of parts of Georgia since 2008. When the Army team … Continued

Supporting the US Army’s Humanitarian Efforts in Lebanon

The migration of more than one million Syrian refugees to Lebanon, a country with a regular population of four million, is straining the fragile social fabric and tenuous political balance of the nation. Hosting this unprecedented number of refugees is pushing the government’s ability to provide basic services to the breaking point. Nowhere are Lebanon’s … Continued