US Partnership in Moldova

On Nov 13th, Moldova will go to the polls, choosing between presidential candidates who will either align the country more closely with the rest of Europe and the West or take them down a path that will align them more closely with Russian interests. One of the first projects I worked on when I returned … Continued

Mosul, Iraq, ISIS – How to Help US Troops

On Sunday, a US-led effort was launched to liberate Mosul, Iraq from ISIS control. US troops in Iraq have identified the need for humanitarian assistance, medical supplies (such as first aid kits and tourniquets) and metal detectors to help their Iraqi and Kurdish Peshmerga partners find roadside bombs. Your support will save lives and limbs, … Continued

Building Peace Through Education in Northern Syria

It was the last day of May. Little boys and girls beamed with mischievous smiles as they ran about the school courtyard. Their slightly older and more aloof teenage counterparts huddled in small packs – boys exchanging glances with girls, and girls laughing amongst each other and snapping selfies. Teachers walked around passing out snacks … Continued

Elephants for peace in war-torn Mali

Hi SoA supporters, I recently returned from Mali, where Spirit of America donated equipment to the wildlife rangers who protect Mali’s endangered desert elephant herd and the communities within the herd’s grazing area. This project is important for two reasons: It addresses a serious environmental problem by helping save one of two remaining herds of … Continued