SoA update: on the ground in the Middle East

Dear supporters,

I’ve been all over the Middle East checking in on our latest projects and looking to see how Spirit of America can better support US troops and diplomats, help save lives, ease suffering, and increase stability. Here are just a few of the recent projects we’ve been working on:

In Syria…

SoA is assisting the US-led coalition as they attempt to build peace following ISIS domination. This challenging phase incorporates many different efforts, such as supporting local governance, humanitarian assistance, and arguably one of the most important, the promotion of education.

On my last trip, I visited local villages and met with children in the community. On the right is a drawing I saw hung in a nearby school.

Education is paramount in the fight against terrorism; to do our part, we are providing critical supplies and resources needed to get classrooms back up and running across northeast Syria. Click here to read more about what can be done to advance this lifesaving project.

In Jordan…

In order to strengthen relations between our troops and their partners, and ultimately counter violent extremism, in partnership with the US Embassy Spirit of America is providing nearly 1,100 academic books for the Jordan Center for Counter Extremism (JCCE) research facility.

SoA was proud to take part in a ceremony to dedicate this important research facility.

While Spirit of America’s COO Isaac Eagan wrote to you last month about the JCCE, I just wanted to note the incredible progress we’ve made so far. With your help, we’ve been able to support the launch of this year’s academic year.

Click here to see how you can support this facility and help protect lives against the threat of violent extremism.

In Tajikistan… 

Lastly, SoA is working with the US Embassy to renovate an important education center, or “American Space”, where local children have access to different learning opportunities, including STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), entrepreneurial, and sporting activities.

American Spaces provide a place for Tajik youth to learn and play together.

The center not only helps inspire future generations to become leaders and innovators, but also promotes US policy and values to help build better relationships between the United States and the people of Tajikistan.

However, the American Space in Dushanbe needs renovations to serve the growing youth population. Click here to learn more about SoA’s work to improve the center and what you can do to help.

As always, thank you so much for being a part of our team. It is because of supporters like yourself that Spirit of America is able to provide patriotic assistance throughout the Middle East and across the globe.

Until next time,
Zack Bazzi
Middle East Regional Advisor

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