Help US troops combat the biggest killer of children in Africa

This project is fully funded. Thank you!

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With the help of our donors, Spirit of America spent $664 for items need to create mosquito traps, helping curb the spread of Malaria in Cameroon.

This project is fully funded. THANK YOU!

US troops deployed to northern Cameroon are working to support US and partner nation counterterrorism efforts across the Sahel. These troops operate from an airbase in Garoua where a US Army civil affairs team (CAT) works to strengthen relationships with the local population while addressing community vulnerabilities and preventing extremist ideologies from taking root. Positive relationships with the community and their leadership ensure the continued safety and security of the US soldiers deployed here.

CAT 4033 conducts training on improvised mosquito traps in Ouro Djoumassi

Cameroon’s North Region is entering the annual rainy season during which the mosquito population explodes, closely accompanied by a similar increase in cases of deadly malaria, a leading cause of death for children in the area and a major concern for the local population. The CAT – with the support of Spirit of America – recently kicked off a malaria prevention initiative to teach the local populace how to construct mosquito traps using common household items such as used plastic water bottles and sugar. Over the course of the initiative, over 3,000 people will receive the training. They will then bring this knowledge back to their villages, teach others, and share these tools across the region. In total, this project is expected to reach well over 30,000 people in rural villages; to date the training is estimated to have been shared with villages representing close to 20,000 people.

CAT 4033 trains residents of Ouro Mayami how to build improvised mosquito traps

The team held classes in 13 villages and a major event at a district government office thus far, training over 1,300 people to date. Twelve villages and two major events at other district government offices remain as part of this initiative. Through small donations to Spirit of America, the team will continue to instruct more locals throughout rain season to limit the spread of this disease and improve the health of the region.

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No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense, Department of State, or US personnel is intended or implied.