Help our military restore faith in the Somali government

This project is fully funded. Thank you!

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With the help of our donors, Spirit of America spent $1529 to restore this vehicle, helping build trust with US troops and the Somali government.
This project is fully funded. THANK YOU!

Somalia is in a dire state where insecurity and clan conflict are exacerbated by the malign efforts of violent extremists. For Somalia to succeed in beating back al-Shabaab (AS), a group that preys on the strife and instability, strong government is a necessity. Frequent al-Shabaab attacks, endemic government funding issues, and a lack of trust in established systems have left lingering doubts about the Federal Government of Somalia’s capabilities. Citizens long for the stabilization of their homeland and will support whichever group is most capable, whether that is the official government, or an organization that feigns goodwill and governance capabilities, such as al-Shabaab.

Until recently, government officials were forced into hiding by al-Shabaab and could not fulfill their duties to the population. Fortunately, this harmful trend is changing, albeit slowly. With recent successes by the Somali National Army and their US partners, Somali governance is starting to fill in gaps and extend services to people who have been ignored or unreachable for so long. Supporting this momentum and ensuring future progress are essential to stabilizing Somalia. A clear demonstration that Somalia’s government is present, capable, and cares about the populace are all messages that, until recently, were impossible to convey.

A US Army team working in the area identified a need that, if addressed, will positively impact their mission and goal of long term security. To meet this need and bring forth a new capability for the Somali government, SoA is helping repair a damaged patrol vehicle. The provision of a working government vehicle to a rural province of Somalia will do far more to improve stability than one might expect. Without a vehicle, extending government reach to rural parts of the district is impossible and results in an underserved population that vulnerable to AS messaging and influence.

Critically damaged in an accident, the Somali vehicle is in desperate need of repairs.

With your help, real change is achievable. This project will increase the capability of the government and extend its presence to these populations that have not seen any legitimate form of government in years. Seeing government officials serving the people of Somalia and braving the threat of al-Shabaab are strong messages that will inspire others to do the same. Give today to make real change in this struggling part of the world.

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No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense, Department of State, or US personnel is intended or implied.