Bolster economic stability by improving livestock health in Guatemala

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Spirit of America spent $600 on gasoline and $1,100 on various antibiotics and veterinary medicine for a total of $1,700.


Violent crime is on the rise in Guatemala. Rural areas suffer from a lack of civil order and security. Malacatan is one of those rural municipalities in Guatemala’s northwestern San Marcos department, just a few miles from the Guatemala-Mexico border. The area is heavily influenced by drug traffickers and criminal organizations. It’s position along the Pacific coast places San Marcos on both land and sea trafficking routes through Guatemala into Mexico – then onward to the US. Drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) capitalize on the minimal presence of government in the department and operate with little to no consequence. Returning governance and security to this rural Guatemalan department will have a large impact on the stability of the region and the flow of illicit drugs and goods coming across our southern border.

Guatemala Mountain Brigade, local veterinarians, and US advisors prepare antibiotics for the local population’s livestock. Here, a solider administers medicine that to enhance the health and market value of the birds.

The US team along with their Guatemalan military counterparts, are tasked with building trust and confidence with the people in the region, specifically in the San Marcos Department, where improved livestock health is the greatest need. However, the locals don’t have the resources for proper vaccinations and medications for their birds to prevent them from contracting an illness or bacteria. Working with a local veterinarian, the team identified an opportunity to help the community while furthering their own mission at the same time.

The US Army team, Guatemalan Mountain Brigade, Department of Agriculture, and local vets are planning to administer vaccinations and antibiotic treatments to over 20 communities. Unfortunately, they have exhausted their resources and are in need of enough vaccinations for the final 100 homes, approximately 900 birds and 100 pigs.

A small donation will provide these vaccinations to farmers in one of the most violent regions near the border. It will protect the animals from common diseases and ensure economic stability for the families in San Marcos. This vaccination program will also be the first time the Guatemalan government has stepped foot in the area in years. This will be a huge win for the Mountain Brigade, will help push illegal organizations out of Malacatan, and will prevent DTOs from expanding their influence further in the area. Please help our US military working in this violent region to establish a more consistent presence, deter crime, and improve security and stability.

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No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense, Department of State, or US personnel is intended or implied.