Strengthen Guatemalan medical care in partnership with US Marines

$2,763 / 2,736


purchases one small surgical tool set


buys both stethoscopes


purchases one stretcher


fully funds this project and buys all needed equipment

A team of US Marines was recently deployed to Guatemala to help build the capacity of their Guatemalan partners and local government. This entails strengthening the ability of the government to meet the needs of the local population and disrupt the efforts of illicit trafficking organizations operating in the area.

This US Marine team recently conducted a number of security and humanitarian projects in Latin America. Above, they are pictured in Flores, Guatemala (Courtesy of DVIDS).

During this deployment, they identified a clinic in the town of Las Vinas in desperate need of assistance, as it was unable to provide adequate medical care to the local community. Las Vinas is located in Petén – a remote region plagued by narco-trafficking fueled violence. This violence causes regional instability and restricts the ability of the government to provide even the most basic medical services. While most clinics in the region are underequipped, Las Vinas’ was the worst of those assessed by the team.

The clinic’s lack of equipment and supplies meant that their nurse needed to travel more than an hour each way to the nearest hospital to pick up and drop off equipment, vaccinations, and even blood samples. Far from a minor inconvenience, this deficiency hampers the ability of the clinic to provide even the most basic of medical treatment and jeopardizes the health of the community. Recognizing the urgent need this creates and the importance of supporting the at-risk population of Las Vinas, the US Marines reached out to Spirit of America for assistance.

A clinic nurse holding Spirit of America-donated medical tools. Your donation will allow her to better serve this community which has been devoid of proper medical care.

With your support and in partnership with US Marines, Spirit of America will donate medical and office equipment to this local clinic, improving the quality of life for the people of Las Vinas who often suffer due to the drug trade. At the same time, this effort will strengthen the relationship between US troops and their Guatemalan partners, supporting their work to stop violent criminal organizations and put the Petén region of Guatemala on the path of stability and security.

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