Support America’s Lebanese Partners as they Feed Hundreds of Families

$704 / 13,000


Helps address food insecurity


Supports 10 Lebanese families in urgent need of food


Provides food to 165 families


Provides food to over 400 families during the coronavirus pandemic
In the long march towards stability in the Middle East, few countries have such a tough slog ahead as Lebanon. Altogether, the country where I was born is grappling with economic, financial, and political crises amplified by the nearly decade-long Syrian civil war next door. That was before the pandemic.

Lebanese soldiers providing food to families in need.

In a country famous for its culinary brilliance, hunger has become a reality for many Lebanese families. According to government estimates, nearly 75% of people require aid. If not swiftly addressed, food insecurity will quickly grow into physical insecurity in the form of riots, street clashes, and political paralysis at a time when Lebanon can least afford it.

Spirit of America is stepping up. We are seeking to raise $13,000 for the provision of food aid to vulnerable families hard hit by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Lebanese Army, the backbone of Lebanon, will distribute the aid to families in need. This will help alleviate hunger and promote stability. In addition, the Army’s Civil Military Cooperation Directorate has identified local NGOs that will match some of our contributions, thereby amplifying the impact.

To get the ball rolling, we need your help.

So why Lebanon?

First, Lebanon has been a steadfast U.S. partner, in particular in the fight against ISIS. In 2016, the former Commander of U.S. Central Command, General Joseph Votel, praised the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) for demonstrating “to enemies and friends alike that they are strong, fully capable of defending Lebanon’s borders, and have the support of the Lebanese people. The will and commitment of the LAF to protecting Lebanon only strengthens America’s resolve to stand shoulder to shoulder with our Lebanese partners as we confront these threats together.”

Second, demonstrating solidarity with and steadfast support for our friends and partners is crucial to preserving American leadership and influence during – and after – times of global crisis. Our allies are counting on America to stand with them in their time of greatest need, while our competitors seek to exploit any gaps that arise and thereby degrade the friendships, partnerships, and alliances upon which the U.S.-led international order depends.

Third, in the Middle East, rarely do the tumultuous affairs of one country stay confined. Unlike more stable regions where borders can act as a buffer on the spread of violence and instability, the fuzzy boundaries of the Middle East often multiply and amplify these forces. A morning incident in Beirut could boomerang across Damascus and Baghdad by evening.

It’s been an eventful two months for our Middle East team. We responded decisively to the Coronavirus pandemic, working in concert with U.S. embassies and consulates to plan and carry out assistance projects to help limit the spread of the virus and bolster long-standing U.S. partners. We have implemented seven projects in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, and Jordan. We’re proud of this record. But we know there is more to do in a region that plays such a vital role in our nation’s security.

With your support, we can put food on the table of hundreds of vulnerable families and strengthen the Lebanese Army.

Zack Bazzi
Regional Director – Middle East


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No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense, Department of State, or US personnel is intended or implied.

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