Press Coverage

Meet the ‘hedgehogs’ defending their neighborhood in Russian-hit Irpin

Publisher - The Telegraph

Kansas City, you can get supplies to Ukrainians fighting Vladimir Putin. Here’s how

Publisher - The Kansas City Star

Spirit of America – Helping Ukraine win

Publisher - SOF News

After Russia Invaded Ukraine, a US Nonprofit Shifted Its Mission

Publisher - The New York Times

Nonprofit provides lifesaving supplies to Ukrainian military

Publisher - Philanthropy Roundtable

For the first time in the history of the Rezina Health Center, Gynecologists have a colposcope.

Publisher - VOCEA TA

U.S. SOF Civil Affairs: Bringing Worlds Together

Publisher - DVIDS

Seeds of Diplomacy: Goodwill Flourishes in Montenegro

Publisher - State Magazine

Ponder the Rewards of Military Service

Publisher - The Wall Street Journal

US Embassy Provides Personal Protective Equipment to the Committee on Emergency Situations

Publisher - ReliefWeb

US Helps Caribbean Countries Fight COVID-19

Publisher - ShareAmerica

Private Donations and National Defense

Publisher - RealClear Politics

Assisting Flood Victims in Uzbekistan

Publisher - State Magazine

Coronavirus Response: United States and NATO Provide Additional Critical Assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina in Tackling Pandemic

Publisher - NATO

US Consulate General Partners with Fundashon Venex in Food Support Project for the Venezuelan Diaspora

Publisher - Curacao Chronicla

In Tal Tamr, Syrian Kurds Seek Safety And Shelter From Turkish Attacks

Publisher - NPR

Philanthropy Magazine Spring 2020: Taking America’s Side
Media Release: Spirit of America is the Philanthropy Magazine Cover Story
Philanthropy Magazine Spring 2020: Taking Sides in Fractured Nations
COVID-19 Update and Spirit of America Operations
American Volunteers Gift Soccer Field to Djiboutian Village

Publisher - Stars and Stripes

Spirit of America’s Josh Brandon on CNN Right Now With Brianna Keilar

Publisher - CNN Right Now

America must use the power of inspiration to secure our future

Publisher - The Hill

Fulfilling the true ‘Spirit of America’

Publisher - The Washington Times

Forum in Jordan calls for continued efforts to combat violent extremism, radical ideologies

Publisher - XinhuaNet

Addressing terrorism requires preemptive measures, reforms

Publisher - The Jordan Times

Extremist groups prove adaptive to counterterrorism measures

Publisher - The Jordan Times

US trains Philippine soldiers on social media monitoring

Publisher - Philstar Global

Meet the female Peshmerga fighters battling ISIS

Publisher - We Are the Mighty

Sessions Secures NDAA Provision to Encourage Civilian Assistance for Armed Forces

Publisher - US House of Representatives

A force multiplier as US forces take on complex, worldwide problem sets

Publisher - Newsliner

Make It Easier for Americans to Support Military Missions Abroad

Publisher - Defense One

Special Forces Resourcefulness Parallels the Spirit of American Entrepreneurism

Publisher - The Leadership Podcast

Meet the Venture Capitalist Who Launched a Kickstarter for War

Publisher - Foreign Policy

1st AD civil affairs works on real-world relationships

Publisher - Fort Bliss Bugle

On Veteran’s Day, reflect on American value of service

Publisher - The Seattle Times

Isaac Eagan: A veteran’s call to serve our nation

Publisher - LenConnect

American Charity Backs Military Radio Station In Ukraine

Publisher - NPR

Special Warfare Magazine – SoA

Publisher - US Army

American Charity Helps To Repair War-Ravaged Music School In Ukraine

Publisher - NPR

On the Front Lines in Eastern Ukraine, a U.S. Charity Goes to War–With Music

Publisher - Wall Street Journal

Good Morning, Ukraine!

Publisher - Wall Street Journal

Ukraine’s New Weapon Against Russian Propaganda

Publisher - Wall Street Journal

Army FM from Kiev

Publisher - NPR Live

How Private Charity Can Help National Security

Publisher - The Heritage Foundation

Army radio station entertains, informs Ukraine’s soldiers in Donbas

Publisher - Kyiv Post

Kiev’s Calls for Restraint Frustrate Ukraine’s Front-Line Fighters

Publisher - Wall Street Journal

Armed Forces of Ukraine launching their own radio station in ATO zone

Publisher - Ukraine Crisis Media Center

Exclusive: In Niger, U.S. soldiers quietly help build wall against Boko Haram

Publisher - Reuters

In distant war zones, unusual non-profit aids U.S. troops

Publisher - Reuters

War, Peace, Philanthropy

Publisher - Philanthropy Magazine

A life-saving idea

Publisher - The Day

Jim Hake, General Jim Mattis, and Spirit of America

Publisher - Hoover Institution

Snippets of life from refugees who have fled the Islamic State

Publisher - Mashable

Aiding ISIS victims without helping the jihadists is a difficult task

Publisher - Business Insider

Spirit of America helps where big government can’t

Publisher - Washington Times

Spirit of America: helping children who escaped ISIS

Publisher - CBS News

American charity sends boots to kids displaced by ISIS


Radio Free Syria

Publisher - The New York Times

How a Venture Capitalist Went to War

Publisher - Wall Street Journal

ISIS is #Winning

Publisher - Foreign Policy

Spirit of America in Afghanistan: Helping US troops create something out of nothing

Publisher - DVIDS

FEULNER: The spirit of America

Publisher - The Washington Times

A Spirited Fight

Publisher - Weekly Standard

Veterans Group Helps Troops By Helping Locals

Publisher - NPR

Supporting Positive Outcomes in U.S. Missions Abroad

Publisher - The Fletcher School - Tufts University

Serving those Serving

Publisher - Esprit de Corps

Here is the Real Spirit of America!

Publisher - Serving Our Vets

68,000 Remember

Publisher - The Rhino Den

Paying tribute to the troops—1 photo at a time

Publisher - The Daily Dot


Publisher - Fox News Live

‘68,000 Remember’ campaign honors deployed troops at holiday time

Publisher - Stars and Stripes

Archer cheerleaders aim to help troops

Publisher - Gwinnett Daily Post

Not forgotten: ‘68,000 Remember’

Publisher - Fox & Friends

Get in the ‘spirit of America’ this holiday season

Publisher - Fox News Live

Remembering the troops not coming home for the holidays

Publisher - Fox News Live

68,000 Remember

Publisher - The Weekly Standard

The Future of War and the Promise of ‘Smart Power’

Publisher - The Daily Beast

A Privately-Funded Fight Against Extremism

Publisher - The Daily Beast

Fire In Cairo: A View From the Arab Street

Publisher - The Daily Beast

The Hero Summit: Courage and Character Explored

Publisher - The Daily Beast

A Little Help for Our Soldiers in Afghanistan

Publisher - The Weekly Standard

Spirit of America Helping Locals in Afghanistan

Publisher - Fox News Live

Help Special Forces Drive the Taliban Crazy

Publisher - The Weekly Standard

Improving Relationships on the Front Lines

Publisher - Fox News Live

Cornering #Kony

Publisher - The Heritage Network blog

Afghan, American students build relationships via video teleconference

Publisher - United States Central Command News

SPIRIT OF AMERICA: Connecting Americans With the Marines and the Mission

Publisher - Leatherneck Magazine

Arzu Studio Hope Weaves New Paths For Peace And Prosperity In Afghanistan

Publisher - Fast Company Expert blog

Spirit of America, Part #2

Publisher - Marine Corps Association blog

Spirit of America: a Civilian Force-Multiplier

Publisher - Marine Corps Association blog

Marines battle to educate Afghan children

Publisher - The San Diego Union Tribune

Winning Afghanistan in war and peace

Publisher - Washington Examiner, James Carafano

Students in California Reach Out to Children in Afghanistan

Publisher - Fox News

Windward Students Skype with Afghan Counterparts

Publisher - Michelle Paster (Patch Poster)

California students share “Spirit of America” with Afghans

Publisher - DVIDS

Alumnus shares ‘spirit’

Publisher - Penn State Daily Collegian

Murrysville man rebuilds villages, regains trust in Afghanistan

Publisher - Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Will Afghanistan Be A Forgotten War?

Publisher - Wall Street Journal

West L.A. students forge relationship with Afghan school

Publisher - Los Angeles Times

Spirit of America and Marine’s visit to Windward School in West L.A.

Publisher - NBC 4 LA News

Spirit of America and Marine’s visit to Windward School in West L.A.

Publisher - ABC 7 LA News

Saffron Fields Forever

Publisher - On Patrol (Magazine of the USO)

U.S. civilians donate radios to Afghans

Publisher - The Dallas Morning News

Run to the Fire

Publisher - The Weekly Standard

Spirit of America in Afghanistan

Publisher - The Wall Street Journal

Help the Cause

Publisher - Power Line Blog

Marines in Afghanistan hear a plea: Don’t leave too soon

Publisher - LA Times

Patriotism in small packages

Publisher - LA times

Jim Hake Reflects on 9/11

Publisher - The Hackensack

Two Stories for the Fourth of July

Publisher - Pat Allen: The View From Right Field

A big ‘thank you’ from Marines serving in Afghanistan

Publisher - West Volusia Beacon, Deland Florida

Spirit of America Partners with Soldier in Afghanistan

Publisher - PZ The Do-Gooder Scrooge blog

Two Year-End Charitable Donation Ideas

Publisher - The Hackensack blog

Grant wishes for the military

Publisher - The Dallas Morning News blog

Green Zone

Publisher - Scouting In The Hills blog

Service women teach English to orphanage girls in Horn of Africa

Publisher - The Dowagiac Daily News

Once More by Callimachus

Publisher - Done With Mirrors Blog

Boys Scouts in Iraq-Thanks to the Marine Corps

Publisher - Gazing at the Flag

The Laptop Is Mightier Than The Sword

Publisher - The New York Times

The Perfect Is the Enemy of the Good, and the Friend of Our Enemy

Publisher - Libertyblog

Work Goes On, Help Needed in Afghanistan

Publisher - 21st Century Paladin

Blogging the New Arab Public: Arab Blogs’ Political Influence Will Grow

Publisher - World Politics Watch

Snake Eater: Give our troops the tools cops have

Publisher - Wall Street Journal, Daniel Henninger

The Volunteers: cut and run is not in their vocabulary.

Publisher - Wall Street Journal

American spirit takes root in Iraq

Publisher - Orlando Sentinel

John McCain: Do Your Part

Publisher - Dallas Morning News

Web lets donors find specific needs and fill them

Publisher - USA Today

A Quiet Majority Replaces Vietnam’s ‘Silent Majority’

Publisher - Wall Street Journal/Wonder Land Column

NPO Spotlight–Spirit of America

Publisher - Philanthropy News Digest

Beyond “Please fondle my buttocks”

Publisher - Salon Magazine

Toyota Sponsors ‘Rockin’ the Corps’ Thank You Concert for Troops and Their Families

Publisher - PRNewswire

Wrapping up: Pendleton Marines say goodbyes in Iraq

Publisher - The San Diego Union Tribune

Christopher Hitchens Joins Iraqi Journalists, Grassroots Correspondents for In-Depth View of Iraq Election

Publisher - Live from Baghdad

Spirit of America to cover Iraq Election

Publisher - PowerLine

The Net Brings American-Style Politics to Iraq

Publisher - Pew Research Center

The Fish-in-a-Barrel Left

Publisher - National Review

Iraqi Bloggers, In the News And Critiquing It

Publisher - Washington Post

Here’s One Use Of U.S. Power Jacques Can’t Stop

Publisher - Wall Street Journal

Palisadian Supports Democracy in Iraq

Publisher - Palisadian Post

My Iraqi Friends

Publisher - BuzzMachine

Wishful Thinking

Publisher - Fast Company

The Spirit Endures

Publisher - Wall Street Journal

Iraq’s Democrats Look for Support From a Democracy

Publisher - Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Marines And Iraqis Work Together To Build New Hospital

Publisher - Marines

Spirit of America and the Hope of Others

Publisher - The Daily Chirp

Iraqis laying building blocks of construction trade

Publisher - Marines

Marines treat Iraqi farmer to bovine therapy

Publisher - Marine

Spirit of America is a good start on the Iraq homefront

Publisher - Wall Street Journal

Spirit of America – Here’s a way you can help the cause in Iraq

Publisher - Wall Street Journal

Frisbees, medical supplies packed up for Iraq

Publisher - San Diego Union Tribune

Frisbees, other supplies are donated for Iraqis

Publisher - Los Angeles Times

Marines To Distribute ‘2 Tons Of Fun’ To Iraqis

Publisher - San Diego Channel

Showing Some Spirit

Publisher - The Weekly Standard

America’s Winning Smile

Publisher - Philanthropy Magazine

Winning Hearts and Minds with the Spirit of America

Publisher - Leatherneck Magazine

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No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense, Department of State, or US personnel is intended or implied.

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“You don't have to wear a uniform to serve the nation.™” and “Patriotism without politics.™” are trademarked by Spirit of America.

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