Help US soldiers restore peace to Somalia

Dear supporters,

In the face of violent extremist organizations like al Shabaab and ISIS, our troops have made significant progress in helping local partners take back ground held by these terrorist groups in Somalia.

One of the biggest threats to US troops in the region, however, are improvised explosive devices, strategically placed by violent extremists to take out our soldiers and their local partners.

Another unfortunate victim of violent extremism

Currently, our Somali partners do not have the means to properly detect and dispose of these deadly devices. This severely impairs their ability to help bring peace to this struggling nation.

Worse yet is that these explosive devices create a protective bubble for these extremists, allowing them to continue to wreak havoc and spread fear and violence among the local population.

This destroyed Army vehicle serves as an example of the destructive power held by IEDs.

With your help, however, SoA will provide the goods needed to root out these deadly explosives and protect our troops. $15 will help pay for one metal detector, while $114 fully funds one lifesaving medic bag.

Our troops cannot do this alone. Click here to partner with us and support the safety and success of US forces stationed in Somalia. Your gift today will help our troops in the brutal fight against Al Shabaab and other violent extremists.

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Nick Glasgow
Project Manager – Africa

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