Helping US troops bring peace to Niger

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As you read this, SoA Project Manager Nick Glasgow is en route to Northern Niger to provide support for the Cure Salée (Salt Treatment) festival.

The annual celebration of the end of the rainy season, hosts nomadic ethnic groups such as the Tuareg, Peuhl, and Fulani, and includes camel races, music, food, artisan crafts, and traditional dress. This is SoA’s fifth consecutive year supporting the festival.

SoA Deputy Ops Director Chris VanJohnson meets with SoA-supported graduates during a visit to the town of Ingall in Niger’s Agadez Region

The Cure Salée provides Spirit of America a unique opportunity to interact with a large, normally dispersed group of nomadic herders and tribal leaders to help them form better connections with the Government of Niger and US troops and diplomats in Niger, allowing our partners to stabilize the most vulnerable regions of this struggling nation.

As extremist groups like the Islamic State, al Qaeda, and others continue to radicalize, recruit, and carry out deadly attacks across West Africa, our support this year is especially important.

The threat posed by these groups was highlighted in October 2017 by the tragic ambush of US Special Operations forces and their Niger military counterparts near the Niger-Mali border.

Every year, the Cure Salée brings together indigenous herders from across the Sahel to socialize, celebrate, and water their herds.

Without US assistance, tribal elders warned that building tensions and unrest in the under-governed spaces of West Africa could can have disastrous consequences. Our aid to the people that gather for this festival is needed now more than ever.

Click here to learn more about the festival and see how you can support these crucial efforts.

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Andy Duhon
Project Manager – Africa

One response to “Helping US troops bring peace to Niger

  1. Your presence in Niger is hope for peace and for humanity. As young leader native of Niger and founder of AYAT ( African Youth Against Terrorism) I’m proud of your work for the resilience for peace your building in everyday people life in Niger. Verily we need more people like who are n the ground working directly with local people in order to better they life and end terrorism in the regions.
    My organization is not doing as much you do, but our spirit is the same. Peace for humanity and end terrorism by giving chances to the next generation to live a better and secure life.
    My name is Zoubair I’m based in Niamey Niger, I’m doing my best everyday to cultivate the spirit of truth and peace in my community In youth daily life.
    Once again thank you very much for the amazing and incredible work you’re doing in Niger. In the name of Niger we are proud of you. Keep up the good work, God bless you,God bless Niger. Ameen!

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