SoA and US troops utilize water to reduce suffering, counter extremism, and bolster stability in Raqqa, Syria

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Spirit of America is helping provide clean water to the citizen of Raqqa, Syria, a top priority for the US troops operating in the recently liberated former capital of the Islamic State. We are doing this by distributing lightweight and portable water filtration systems that can purify up to 4,755 gallons of water.

According to the US military, the lack of safe drinking water is one of the most pressing issues facing Raqaa’s citizens. Aside from generating a public health crisis, the shortage erodes faith in local leaders, allowing for ISIS and other terrorist groups to take advantage of the population’s desperation.

Water-insecurity poses one of the greatest threats to the safety and freedom of Syria.

Extremist organizations can thrive in unstable areas where governments are struggling to meet the basic needs of their people. They take advantage of the legitimate frustrations of citizens to make hollow promises and false accusations.

Supporting local governance is key to long-term security and stability. By providing families in Raqqa with the ability to filter water until the infrastructure is back is up and running, SoA is reducing suffering and combating extremism

Here, I’m chatting with locals in the Syrian town of Shaddadi. They were eager to describe the brutality of ISIS occupation.

Click here to read more about SoA’s work to reduce water-insecurity and promote stability within Syria, and click here to see how you can help save lives and combat the threat of ISIS.

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Zack Bazzi
Middle East Regional Advisor

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