Supporting US troops through the love of game

Dear supporters,

I hope you enjoyed the World Cup as much as we did at Spirit of America. What’s extraordinary about the Cup is how, regardless of what corner of the globe you come from, over the past few weeks, we all came together to enjoy the same game of soccer, otherwise known as the beautiful game.

Just as the World Cup is more than just another tournament, a soccer ball can be much more than just a toy; it can be a way to connect, to educate, and to build trust in one another. In vulnerable communities that often fall victim to the influence of human trafficking, drug peddling, and dangerous criminal activities, the relationships built from a simple game of soccer can save lives.

US troops and Afghan children playing a friendly game; soccer transcends barriers and brings people together (photo credit: US Air Force)

With this in mind, SoA is implementing a unique project to connect US troops and local partners in Latin America. Alongside our friends in the United States Coast Guard and the US Embassies in Costa Rica and Panama, Spirit of America is delivering well over 1,000 soccer balls to struggling communities.

In addition to being our first collaborative project with the Coast Guard, this effort is distinctive in how it allows SoA project manager Terrell Chandler, who handles Asia-Pacific, and myself, one of SoA’s Africa project managers, to transcend our respective regions in order to best serve our troops, diplomats, and local partners.

US Coast Guardsmen help transport boxes of soccer balls

This project will not only help foster relationships between our service members and local communities, but also demonstrate the goodwill of the American people and our ability to bring about meaningful change in a developing part of the world.

To read more about this one-of-a-kind effort, click here.

As always, thank you for your support,

Andy Duhon
Project Manager – Africa

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