Dairy diplomacy: Support US diplomats in Laos through social enterprise

$3,543 / 10,010


helps purchase a multi-purpose pasteurizing tank


rents a buffalo for six months


buys a cream separator


covers 45 buffalo rentals and all associated costs for the project

In Asia, there are nine countries that are classified as “least developed”, Laos being one of them. Despite these challenges, there are businesses working to promote economic prosperity and increase opportunity for the people of Laos. One such business is the Laos Buffalo Dairy. Located in the Luang Prabang province of Laos, this micro-enterprise tells a compelling story of a unique business model that benefits hundreds of people in the local community. The Dairy cooperates with people from local villages by renting their buffalo to provide milk. The buffalo are vaccinated for free while in the care of the Dairy, which improves their long-term health, and provides a sustainable income for the farmers’ families while bolstering the local economy.

SoA’s Terrell Chandler, helping in the dairy (Courtesy US Embassy Vientiane)

The US Embassy in Laos is working to promote prosperity and economic development in Laos, making the Dairy a natural partner for them. As a social enterprise, the Dairy enhances the US government’s ongoing efforts in public health while helping the local economy to grow. A relatively new business, the Dairy is looking for specialized equipment to expand their production to sell cheese and other dairy products on the local and national market, as well as for export to other Asian countries. By increasing its production, it will also be expanding its reach into the local community, touching more and more farmers. Increasing the Dairy’s productivity is a win-win situation – as the business grows its clientele, it vaccinates more buffalo, creating healthier livestock, and it supports more farmers to earn sustainable livelihoods. For these reasons, the US Embassy identified this need to Spirit of America.

Locals help feed the calves while on tour at the Dairy. (Courtesy Laos Buffalo Dairy)

The Laos Buffalo Dairy is a great example of how American businesses can be socially responsible in the countries where they work, promoting the health and well-being of the communities while also contributing to the local economy. Which is why the US Embassy is looking to support them.

With your help, Spirit of America can purchase much needed equipment for the Dairy, to help them grow their socially responsible business model. As the Dairy grows, so do the health and prosperity of local farmers and their buffalo. The extra income farmers earn will allow them to send their children to school, pay for electricity, and buy more food. Additionally, supporting the Dairy will increase the awareness of positive US involvement in an underdeveloped country. US diplomacy never tasted so sweet.

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