Spirit of America’s past work in Mongolia

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With the help of our donors, Spirit of America has been able to support a diverse set of projects in Mongolia. We have been able to develop independent media, empower youth through rural education and media literacy programs, champion sustainable agriculture practices, restore mobile health services, establish medical training programs, help park rangers, promote disaster readiness and preparedness, and promote gender equality.

These projects are fully funded. THANK YOU!

Promoting independent and sustainable media
To further enhance press freedom and support Mongolia’s vibrant democracy, Spirit of America collaborated with the NEST Center for Journalism Innovation and Development, a local non-governmental organization, to develop a media start-up incubator designed to nurture and support the growth of innovative media ventures in Mongolia. This project opened the door for independent media entrepreneurs and contributed to the evolution of the media landscape in the country. Its success continues to inspire the development of independent and sustainable media in Mongolia.

Empowering Mongolia’s youth through higher education and media literacy programs
In Mongolia, access to information and educational opportunities varies greatly between urban and rural school-aged children. Spirit of America partnered with the Mongolian Association of State Alumni (MASA) to bridge this gap through a series of rural outreach events and workshops. These workshops provided thousands of students in rural Mongolia with information on college admissions, career pathways, and professional development, thus empowering them to navigate their futures with confidence. Additionally, the project incorporated media literacy workshops aimed at increasing Mongolia’s information resiliency by equipping the next generation with the skills necessary to identify and counter misinformation.

Supporting solar-powered greenhouse farming
To strengthen Mongolia’s food security and promote sustainable agricultural practices, Spirit of America teamed up with a Fulbright Scholar (and Mongolian native), the US Embassy, and the Mongolian Government to build a solar-paneled well and greenhouse in the middle of the Gobi Desert. This greenhouse has allowed local herders to feed themselves and their families, as well as increase their income by selling to local markets. The project also provided critical insight for future US government funding related to sustainable agriculture and economic resiliency in Mongolia.

SoA team member Danny Santos with Mongolian farmer in greenhouse with tomatoes

Restoring mobile health services

Mongolia’s vast geography and limited healthcare infrastructure make access to medical services a challenge, particularly for the rural population. To help bridge the gap in rural healthcare, Spirit of America collaborated with the US Embassy, Asia Development Bank, and the Ministry of Health, to repair vehicles used to provide mobile health and emergency medical services to rural populations across five Mongolian provinces. This project also included a research component that uncovered vital insights into the needs and sentiments of Mongolia’s rural population, helping the US and its partners refine and enhance their humanitarian efforts more effectively.

Establishing a pre-hospital medical training program
Pre-hospital medical care in Mongolia presents unique challenges due to the country’s vast geography, limited healthcare infrastructure, and shortage of trained emergency medical providers. To address this gap, Spirit of America partnered with the US Embassy, the Mongolian Society of Emergency Medicine, and the Ministry of Health to establish a Pre-Hospital Trauma Life Support (PHTLS) training program. This program will help ensure all Mongolians have access to timely and lifesaving emergency medical care by equipping physicians and first responders with the skills needed to effectively treat patients in a pre-hospital setting.

Enhancing the response capabilities of Mongolian Park Rangers
Mongolian Park Rangers are tasked with protecting millions of acres of land across some of the country’s most challenging terrain. To enhance their response capabilities, Spirit of America partnered with the U.S. Embassy to supply first aid gear, survival kits, and medical training to the rangers at the Mongol Ecology Center’s annual Rally for Rangers event. Spirit of America also donated a motorcycle (one of 15 bikes provided) to aid the rangers in patrolling the expansive landscapes of northern Mongolia.

Supporting disaster readiness and response
Given its diverse geography and climate, Mongolia is prone to a broad array of natural disasters, highlighting the need for well-developed disaster response capabilities. As part of its preparedness efforts, Mongolia conducts annual disaster response exercises in partnership with the United States and other members of the international community. In 2021, Spirit of America provided support to the Khangai-21 exercise by supplying essential medical supplies and equipment to Mongolian first responders. Subsequently, in 2022, Spirit of America contributed to Mongolia’s tenth annual Gobi Wolf exercise by providing English-language interpreters crucial for the effective communication and sharing of expertise among participants. Both these initiatives helped to strengthen Mongolia’s disaster response capabilities, helping to safeguard its people and preserve its resources in times of crisis.

Helping promote gender equality in UN Peacekeeping missions
Mongolia’s deployment of female UN peacekeepers represents a significant step towards gender equality and the promotion of women’s participation in peacekeeping operations. To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Mongolia’s first UN peacekeeping mission, the country hosted a four-day international “Women, Peace, and Security” conference supported by Spirit of America. Female peacekeepers from 30 countries convened at the conference, each contributing their distinct perspectives, experiences, and unwavering dedication to advancing the principles of the UN and fostering global peace and stability.

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No endorsement of Spirit of America by the US Department of Defense, Department of State, or US personnel is intended or implied.

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“You don't have to wear a uniform to serve the nation.™” and “Patriotism without politics.™” are trademarked by Spirit of America.

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