This will make you proud: retired Army general on Spirit of America


Watching this video of retired Lt. General Charlie Cleveland talk about Spirit of America at an American Legion event will make you proud. General Cleveland retired in 2015 as the 3-star commander of the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. He knows Spirit of America well – both from his time serving and seeing how we helped his troops on the front lines, and from his time since then as a member of the SoA Advisory Board.

Spirit of America’s Chief Operating Officer, Isaac Eagan, also spoke at the event.

Here are a few things General Cleveland said about Spirit of America and all our military-veteran field team.

“When you’re out in the middle of the problem, you’re not really worried about the bureaucracy. You hear about it, and you may realize that it encumbers you from getting the support that you need on occasion, but for the most part you’re really worried about results. And the really great thing about Spirit of America is that it allows us to spring over bureaucratic hurdles, in many cases, that an enormous undertaking like going to war is inherently going to create.”

“We in the US have to figure out some way to respond to [our adversaries’] ability to use all of the levers of power. One of those ways is, frankly, an approach that Spirit of America has pioneered here, which is allowing the American people—the strength of the country, our businesses—to help those that are sitting on the front lines dealing with all the complexity that’s out there. It fills the gaps that, necessarily, are created by the big undertaking that is war. I’m obviously a big supporter of Spirit of America, and I want to thank all the young folks that have left service and come to work for Jim and what I think is a very important undertaking.”

“What Spirit of America has done is allowed, through these great young men and women that are here today [the SoA field team] … putting them on the front lines with our operators, they are a kind of an antenna that says, ‘Hey, they need this right now in order to be successful.’ …Spirit of America’s people will reach back into America, into the strength of the country, which is our industrial base, the might of our business world, the patriotism of our citizens…and they’ve made a big difference.”

Thank you for your support that allows us to deliver the results General Cleveland is talking about.

All the best,

Jim Hake
CEO, Spirit of America

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