Why I’m joining Spirit of America



I would like to thank you for your past support of Spirit of America. I have seen the impact. It has truly saved lives.

I served 44 years in the US Marine Corps. I started out as an infantryman, receiving my commission at the end of the Vietnam War, and retired as the Commanding General of US Central Command. In that capacity, I commanded US troops throughout the Middle East and Central Asia. I saw the brutality of our enemies and the heroism of our people.

I met Jim Hake, Spirit of America’s founder, in December 2003. I immediately recognized Jim’s leadership and entrepreneurial drive. I knew his concept would be a key asset in the war of ideas we were fighting—a trump card against our enemies’ message of hate. Spirit of America gave us an organization that unapologetically takes America’s side. Over the years, I saw Spirit of America’s remarkable commitment, and I saw results. Because of the generosity of people like you, SoA delivered over and over again. Now, Spirit of America is a unique and trusted partner of our military – supporting the safety and success of our troops wherever needed.

In my mind, America has two fundamental powers. One is the power of inspiration. The other is the power of intimidation. Those of us in uniform are in an intimidating role when we are up against the enemy in a direct fight. But we now fight wars among innocent people, among populations that need to be on our side if we’re going to win. That is where America’s power of inspiration comes to bear.

With the threats to our freedoms and values growing, our power of inspiration is more important than ever. The world we hand down to the next generation depends on how we respond. But our government and military can’t do it alone. To prevail, we need the whole of America. By connecting the American people to our troops, that is what Spirit of America represents. I believe this combination of joining our citizens and those who serve in harm’s way is a fundamentally better way for our nation to meet the challenges we face abroad. That is why I have joined Spirit of America’s team as a member of the Advisory Board.

Thank you for being part of SoA’s power of inspiration. You have helped our men and women in uniform and the people we need as friends and allies. It has been worth its weight in gold. I hope you will continue to support Spirit of America.

My best wishes for the holiday season and New Year.






General James N. Mattis
United States Marine Corps, Retired

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