Results: why I support Spirit of America

Dear Friend,

Thank you for supporting Spirit of America. I am writing to share with you why I support the organization as both a donor and as a member of the Advisory Board.

I have met with Jim Hake and members of Spirit of America’s all-veteran field operations team regularly over the years. I have seen the impact these courageous young men and women have had on the frontlines alongside America’s troops and diplomats.

There is one reason Spirit of America has attracted such high-level support from government and military leaders: Spirit of America produces results.

Moreover, Spirit of America directly helps our troops and diplomats produce results. Results build trust and credibility. I know how important this is. I have served our great nation in both roles: as a Marine in World War II and as our nation’s chief diplomat as Secretary of State under President Ronald Reagan. Results build momentum, and changes in momentum can change the course of history.

The Spirit of America team has helped our troops save lives and defeat the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Spirit of America has helped prevent war in West Africa, and has advanced security and American ideals in Eastern Europe in the face of Russian aggression.

Because of the results produced by Spirit of America over 15 years, this year Congress recognized Spirit of America’s partnership with the military and Department of Defense as part of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). Thus, Congress passed a law endorsing Spirit of America’s unique contribution to our nation’s security and the safety of our Armed Forces. I am proud I was able to help this crucial effort by communicating the importance of Spirit of America’s work to key Senators and Representatives.

In the world today, actions speak louder than words. Spirit of America embodies this ethos, and is helping our troops and diplomats build a better, brighter, more secure future for freedom-loving people everywhere.

Spirit of America and the results it produces would not be possible without your support. Thank you.

Please join me and continue to support Spirit of America.




George P. Shultz
Advisor, Spirit of America

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