SoA Podcast: Tandy Unplugged

Dear supporters,

I’m very excited to present Spirit of America’s newest podcast “Tandy Unplugged“, featuring me and fellow SoA Project Manager Andy Duhon, collectively known as Tandy!

During the freeform, unscripted discussion, we give a behind the scenes look at what goes into the making of a Spirit of America project and talk about our current collaboration to build relationships between US troops and local communities by delivering soccer balls to Costa Rica and Panama.

We also discuss our beginnings in the military, the paths that led us to SoA, and some of our favorite travel stories.

Andy and I in Niger, alongside team members Nick Glasgow and Chris VanJohnson

Click here to listen to the full podcast, and here to learn more about our project in Latin America. Please let us know your thoughts! We are always happy to receive feedback from our incredible supporters.

Until next time,

Terrell Chandler
Project Manager – Asia-Pacific

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